Archaeological rarity ‘The Golden man’ in Azerbaijan

Archaeological rarity ‘The Golden Man’ will visit Azerbaijan. At the exhibition "Heritage of the Great Steppe: masterpieces of jewelry art" in Baku, the leader of the Saks will be presented in full vestments. Over 130 jewelry found in the burial will be showcased. The exhibition will open in May this year in the Museum of History of Azerbaijan and will last two months. One of the sections will be dedicated to the gold objects of the Kazakh and Azerbaijani peoples for the demonstration of the commonality of cultures. Also in two languages ​​a catalog will be published. In turn, in 2019 it is planned to open an Azerbaijani exhibition in Kazakhstan.


- We are interested in introducing Azerbaijanis to the Kazakh culture. First of all, we are interested in the Golden Man, which is stored in the National Museum of Kazakhstan. This is a very unique finding that has revealed a new direction in the Kazakh culture and the Turkic world. All items that will be brought to Azerbaijan constitute a complex exposition and they are of historical significance.