Republican "Kansonar 2018" eagle hunting tournament was organized in Western Kazakhstan

Republican "Kansonar 2018" eagle hunting tournament was organized in Western Kazakhstan. More than 20 participants from the country’s 10 different regions brought their eagles and falcons to compete. Burkitshi from the Mangystau region Aishuak Taimanov proudly demonstrates all the skills of his feathered hunter.


 - I brought a young bird, it is less than a year old. I took the bird right out of his nest, I raised it myself. You know, the bird hunter,  the horse and steppe hound have always been loyal companions of a Kazakh man. Kazakhs consider the hunter dog tazy and golden eagle as two of the seven treasures. This craft is passed down from generation to generation. We are trying to promote it.

In the west of Kazakhstan hunters used to breed their own hawks and falcons. These birds were as good hunters as the mountain eagles are. Each pet has its own character, so taming the proud and strong bird is an entire science.


 - There are eagle hunters in Western Kazakhstan. However, there are not so many of them in the Akmola, Almaty and Atyrau regions. From beginning of this year, we will teach children in sports school to bird hunting. We take hawks and falcons and hope that we will teach a new generation of eagle hunters.

The eagle hunting tournament was organized in several stages. Hunters with birds demonstrated their skills to the public. They hunted for rabbits and foxes. In the future, the organizers plan to organize the competitions on a regular basis.