Young Kazakh singer Adam is preparing a new international "Madam X" project

Young Kazakh singer Dauren Orazbekov, better known as Adam, and musicians from Russia and Germany, are preparing a new international "Madam X" project. Recording of new songs and music videos is taking place in Moscow. Adam has become popular after he had won the first place at the ‘Slavic market’ competition in Russia’s Vitebsk.


 - We will record the promo videos of our project in the Vintage sound studio. These are interpreted cover versions of the songs for YouTube. Not only the Kazakh public, but also the Russian listeners are aware about us. Perhaps, we will visit Germany, too. We decided to create and our peculiarity is soloists.

The next participant of the project is a young Ukrainian successful in Europe. The musicians met at the ‘New Wave’ contest in 2013. Four years later, they met at the Expo in Astana and decided to create completely new compositions together.


 - Astana EXPO 2017 was the moment when we decided to do something together. The Kazakh music is about very interesting voices and the language is amusing, too. We started recording a song. The language is so beautiful and melodious. We decided to sing in Kazakh first, not in Russian.

According to music, the voice and technique of Adam's performance has special property which distinguishes the Kazakh performers, a special melodic chant.


 - I liked the professionalism and melodiousness. When he sings, it touches the soul. It is very professional and has a good range. He was brought up with good music.

Perhaps, one more performer will take part in the project. However, her name is kept secret. The viewers will see the first announcements on the internet in a few weeks. The participants of the project admit that this will be another step to earn worldwide listeners.