Beautiful mosques of Kazakhstan

The unique architecture and traditions are in harmony with the spiritual world in the house of prayers. The mosque of Mashkhur Zhusip is located in the Pavlodar city. The mosque was built in a form of an eight-pointed star which was opened in 2001. Inside the building the main decoration is the crystal Zumrad chandelier which weighs 3.5 tonnes.  Masters from Tashkent made the chandelier. The mosque has a library, rooms for the ritual of marriage and praying. The mosque is designed for 1000 people. The architectural structure amazes by its beauty and grandeur.


 - If you look at the mosque and especially at the dome, it looks very similar to the yurt of the Kazakh people. The 4 towers, located on the sides, serve as an allegory of the firmament that is erected above the ground. The height of one tower is 63 centimeters. This figure corresponds to the age when the prophet passed out.

The Khazret Sultan Mosque is the second largest mosque in Central Asia and one of the 10 most beautiful mosques in the world. The facility was officially opened on July 6, 2012. The mosque is designed for 12,000 servants. Over a month more than 80,000 people visit the mosque. According to architect Sagyndyk Zhanbolatov, before designing the mosque, he had to travel to several Asian countries and explore the architecture of such facilities.


 - If you observe closely, the mosque is white from a distance. When you approach the mosque it is colorful. The green and warm tones are visible. This mosque is unlike any other mosques in the Arab countries, not even in Iran and Tatarstan. This is the first mosque in the Kazakh classical style.

This three-story mosque, decorated in the national style, has become a spiritual and cultural center. The Silver Koran is a gift from President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. It was made in Russia’s mint. One half of the Koran is hanging on one wall, and the other half on the other. The "Ottoman Koran" is a true copy of the ancient Islamic manuscript of the 8th century. The original is kept at the St. Petersburg Institute of Oriental Manuscripts. Another gift of the head of state is the oldest sculpture which weighs 40 kg.


 - Amir Temirlan brought the  original manuscript to Kazakhstan in the 14th century which weighs 40 kg. The special art of Islam is calligraphy. Each letter has its own technique and degree and written with bulrush which is considered priceless.

The peculiarity of the Khazret Sultan mosque is not limited. The mosque has a chandelier, which weighs 3 tonnes. It includes the names of 25 Prophets from the Koran.

The largest and most beautiful mosque among the Central Asian countries is the Turkmenbashi rukhy. The one-dome mosque can accommodate 10,000 people. The walls of the building are made of white marble, where quotes from the Koran and “Rukhnama" by Saparmurat Niyazov are engraved. The mosque was built in honor of the first president of Turkmenistan in 2004.