Atyrau Museum of Local History organizes a traveling exhibition in the Astrakhan region

The name of Kurmangazy Sagyrbayev is well known not only in Kazakhstan. His talent and musical heritage have earned the love of millions of international fans. The immortal works of the composer were performed in London, Paris, New York and Rome by the Kurmangazy Orchestra. The Atyrau Museum of Local History plans to organize a traveling exhibition in order to popularize the work of the great musician. The first visitors of the exhibition will get acquainted with the inhabitants of Russia’s Astrakhan region, where the composer is buried. There are a lot of rare materials in the museum's collection. The primary significance of the collection is the dombra and the rifle that belonged to Kurmangazy in the mid-19th century.


 - The most valuable exhibit is Kurmangazy’s rifle. The descendants of the great kuishi had kept the gun. Later it was presented to the famous Akhmedyarov family. In 2000, Karshyga Akhmedyarov transferred the relic to the museum’s collection.

Kurmangazy hunted with this rifle. The dombra was also his constant companion. According to the legend, hunting inspired the kuishi to compose new kuis. He knew how to convey human feelings like love and tenderness, kindness and compassion in music. His works are a national heritage. More than 60 kuis of Kurmangazy have been preserved to our days.


- Every kui of Kurmangazy is a separate story and describes a milestone in his life. "Alatau", "Saryarka" and "Adai," the whole geography of the great Kazakh steppe, are reflected in his music.

The memory of the great Kazakh composer is sacred in Atyrau. One of the districts of the region, the House of Culture and the street, the school and the library were named after his name. The monument for Kurmangazy with his dombra is erected in one of the central squares of the city.