Fashion industry of Kazakhstan

The Kazakh fashion industry is earning the love of the international audience. Domestic designers represent the country on catwalks of Paris, Moscow, Rome and Milan. Annually, five fashion designers from Kazakhstan present their works on the international market. Experts highlighted the growing popularity of the domestic brands of high quality.


 - There are so many designers on Instagram who sell a lot of dresses and show how much they cost. This already indicates that we have a revolution of people's consciousness. People love our Kazakh designers. I think it's wonderful.

Couturier Khanum Aidash has opened a store with exclusive products made by novice designers. Here, young Sardana Irgizbayeva presents a unique collection of winter clothes, which are designed for Astana’s climatic conditions. In the future, the designer plans to include national motifs and combine them with modern fashion trends. 


- In general, I'm inspired by the mood. Every day, every person wakes up in a  different mood. Sometimes I want to wear something tender and light and then I came up with the idea to make a new collection. Sometimes you want something bold, comfortable and dark. My collection is divided into two: one is a vanilla romantic collection and the second is in a grunge style.

Designer Khanum Aidash has been organizing her own festival "San men Sakhna’ for ten years. This has become a launching platform of more than 50 young couturiers. In addition, it gave talents a chance to show their works in Italy, Azerbaijan and Turkey. This year, one of the winners of the festival is Indira Bilisbekova who will take part in the fashion week in Milan.