Salome on Astana Ballet stage

The Salome production was premiered at Astana Ballet. A thrilling drama about evil love, sin and temptation is based on Oscar Wilde's play. Every detail carries its own symbol. Each movement has its own drama. This is a special world of colors and light contrasts. The final point on the canvas is a fascinating musical accompaniment. Author of the artistic concept and choreographer Mukaram Avahri admits that the idea of the performance had been thought out for more than a year.


- I’m very happy that this performance was staged. It was born in agony, but I think that it is justified. I’m very satisfied with the artists and team, because the work was coordinated. We had mutual understanding and I think that we managed to convey the idea of this performance to a viewer.

The biblical story about Salome, a stepdaughter of the Jewish king, who seduced her stepfather with the “Dance of Seven Veils” to demand the head of her beloved Baptist has inspired many artists, poets and writers. The improvisation from Astana Ballet has different semantic accents. This is not a tragedy, but it conveys the thoughts on good and evil as well as the fine line between them.  


The audience has a feeling of watching a short movie. It's very cool when the viewer can delve into the whole atmosphere. You probably noticed it yourself. Many thanks to the whole theater for the work they did. Since everyone worked, everyone was worried and tried. Of course, we got such audience applause, it means that it isn’t done for nothing.

The actors of Astana Ballet had prepared for the debut for 2 months. The spectators were indifferent about the drama that tells about the nature of the human soul. The audience gave standing ovations at the premiere of the one-act ballet.