Astana Opera troupe on tour in Almaty

‘Manon’ choreographed by Kenneth Macmillan was premiered a the Abai Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater by Astana Opera’s ballet troupe. The drama story gathered the full hall. A famous performance has never been staged in Almaty, and ‘Manon’ is rarely staged in the world. For the first time the ballet premiered in 1974 at the Covent Garden in London.  Ballet masters and stage directors of the Theatre Royal, Carl Barnett and Patricia Rouannes, brought the performance to the Kazakh stage. The Kazakh interpretation of the play was staged in accordance with Nicholas Georgiadis’s sketches and deserved the compliment of Lady Macmillan, the wife of the choreographer. Today it is well known that these are the best decorations and costumes for Manon.


- The performance is very complicated. To what extent it is complicated? This is a canvas and it can be seen as a feature film. There shouldn’t be any gaps. Everyone on the stage, particularly, a group of actors, is all in action. We are very pleased that we were entrusted to stage this performance, because not all theaters are allowed to stage such a masterpiece.

Astana Opera presented a number of productions, particularly, the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris and the opera Abai. The Astana Opera tour was organized as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program and the international ‘Modern Kazakh culture in the global world’ project.