Musical cooperation of Kazakhstan and Serbia

The works of the Kazakh and Serbian composers were presented in the main hall of the Astana Opera. The theatre’s Symphony Orchestra under the leadership of honored worker of Kazakhstan Abzal Mukhitdinov as well as famous Serbian pianist Maja Rajkovic performed on one stage. For the first time the renowned Serbian performer presented to the Kazakh public the Piano Concerto No. 2 by Vera Milankovic.


 - Character is something stylistically between neo-romantism with elements of jazz and folklore music. It is very interesting the third movement which is made of with combination of two themes. One is West Side Story by famous Bernstein. Other is our Serbian national theme. They are combined.

The symphonic suite ‘The Steppe legend’ by Tles Kazhgaliyev was presented to the public as well. The composer’s musical legacy is considered to be an important element of the Kazakh art. Moreover, the evening featured the works of famous composers like Akhmet Zhubanov, Yevgeny Brusilovsky and Mansur Sagatov. This was not the first joint performance of domestic and Serbian musicians. Last year, Belgrade hosted a similar concert.


 - I should say that our relations are very good. People buy the recordings of the joint performances of our musicians. We continue our cooperation. We have already received a request to compose more joint works, based on the Kazakh and Serbian motives. We are working on it.

Last year's concert in Belgrade was dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan. In return, the musical evening in Astana was scheduled for the Independence Day of Serbia.