Anthology of new Kazakh poetry was presented in Baku

Kazakhs and Azerbaijanis are fraternal nations with common roots. Presentation of an anthology of modern Kazakh poetry in Baku shows the continuation of the centuries-old friendship between the nations. The collection includes poems by 57 young Kazakh authors. The publication was a contribution to the development of cultural relations between the two countries.


 - This book from the point of view of its format, content and originality is a first such publication in the history of Azerbaijani-Kazakh literary connections. A group of scientists, journalists, poets and translators took part in the book’s preparation. We tried to give the Azerbaijani reader the sense of Kazakh rhyme, national features through these works.

The author of the foreword titled "Passionate Hearts on the Other Shore," famous journalist Sona Velieva notes the importance of the cultural project. It has already entered the list of the Turkic literary heritage. Kazakh poets have received appreciation letters from the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan and the Union of Young Turkic Writers of the World.


 - We are glad that we were able to release this book. And it so happened that the presentation in Baku was held with the participation of the Kazakh poets and journalists. Their presence increased the significance of this day for us. We hope to present the book in Kazakhstan this year.

The authors of the project, the World Association of Young Turkic Writers and the Youth Foundation of Azerbaijan, are planning to prepare an anthology of the Kazakh prose and fairy tales. Then a similar collection of Azerbaijani works will be released for Kazakhstani readers.