Books about Kazakhstan have replenished the fund of The National Library of Beijing

Books about Kazakhstan have replenished the funds of one of the world's largest libraries - the National Library of Beijing. The palace of the books, created more than a century ago, has a rich collection of Chinese books, as well as the largest in China fund of publications in foreign languages. A center of Kazakh literature was opened here in 2016. The center was filled with words-edification of Abai, works by Nursultan Nazarbev and other books. According to Liu May, Foreign Literature Department staff, books about Kazakhstan are in high demand among readers.


 - There are sections of Russian, Japanese, Malaysian and other nations’ literature in our library. Kazakh literature section has a large variety of books. Visitors read photo albums and art books about Kazakhstan. And their number is growing every day.

Centers of Kazakh literature are now operating in eight countries. All of them are created as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. Visitors have an excellent opportunity to learn about the Kazakh nation, their customs and traditions. The library’s fund is filled with such works as "Heroic Epics of Kazakhs", "Eternal motives" and "One Hundred Traditional Songs of Kazakhs".


 - Our main task is to let citizens of China learn about our country, about history, literature, culture, and modern achievements. Nations that know about each other’s history show more respect and understanding, and mutual trust. Partnership between them reaches a higher level.

Great demand among Chinese readers is enjoyed by the book of the English writer and politician Jonathan Aitken named "Nazarbayev and Making of Kazakhstan", as well as the photo album "Beautiful Kazakhstan - Beautiful China". The National Library of China is the most visited world libraries.