First comics based on Turkic epics

Young enthusiasts from Baku issued the first Kazakh comics on the motives of dastans. Its main character is Koroghlu. The character was created based on historical materials about his life. The authors of the comics note that it is designed for the younger generation. The project took about a year.


 - We all know the characters from foreign comics. They are popular all over the world. Therefore, we decided to promote Kazakh comics. The Epic of Koroghlu was written for the first time in the XIX century. The first issue has already been prepared. Now we are working on its continuation.

In the next issues you will see other epic heroes and historical personalities. They are Babek, Shah Ismail Khatai and other. It is also planned to prepare separate editions based on common Turkic epic Korkyt ata. According to the authors, comics on the basis of this epic, reflecting the historical chronicle of the Turkic peoples, will let younger generation learn more about history. Artists hope that the project will be popular not only in Azerbaijan, but in the entire Turkic world.


 - We prepare illustrations together with a help of digital tools. Our readers are also children. Therefore, we pay special attention to colors and images. So far, reviews about the first works are positive, which makes us very happy.

Comics will be published in English and Russian. Animation and computer game will be released on their basis in the future.