Astana hosted an exhibition of children's works

Astana hosted an exhibition of children's works. More than 160 different paintings, works and compositions were presented in Kazakhstan’s National Museum. There were three thematic sections, particularly, "The Spiritual World", "The city of the Great Steppe" and "The World through the Eyes of Children". The works of the young creators are made of wood, koshma, felt, paper and beads. According to the organizers, young artists tried to show love and respect to their homeland, original traditions and cultural heritage. The event is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana.


 - This is a special holiday for children to be able to show their work in the most important museum of Kazakhstan. Children want to be evaluated for their performance and when such exhibitions are conducted, kids see that there is an interest in their work and this is a great incentive for them to work further, develop and create.