The first monograph about Alikhan Bukeikhanov was published

The first monograph about Alikhan Bukeikhanov was published. The book about the leader of the Alash movement was written based on historical data and archival documents. Its author is famous scientist Sultan Khan Akkuly. In his work he described Alikhan Bukeikhanov's life from the moment of birth. The first monograph was published in four languages at once. It was translated from the original language into Russian and English, and then into Ukrainian. Now this work is being translated into Turkish, and will be printed in April this year.


 - We have been collecting materials for the first monograph about Alikhan for the last 26 years. This topic was approved in March 1991 as the theme of my dissertation. We have been studying the scientific and publicistic works of Alikhan, information about his life for 26 years. We have been searching for materials in the Russian archives of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Tomsk and Omsk.

The activities of the Alash Orda became the object of research for scientists and experts. Historian Berik Abdygaliuly presented the book "Military formations of the Alash Orda". This is the result of the author's four-year research in the Russian archives. The study includes extensive information about the army of Alash, which is not yet fully studied. In particular, the work contains some documentary information about the composition of the army, the names of commanders, the number of soldiers, as well as a list of troops.


 - There were hundreds of them in the Aksu district in Almaty region. The Alash army was formed there. There were about two and a half thousand people in Urdzhar, Ayagoz, Makanchi, and Usharal, we have a list of 700 people. We will continue to study this topic in the summer; we will go on an expedition. The documents have not been preserved in the West. We will look for descendants.

Scientists and public figures noted that new books are aimed at uncovering unknown pages of history. Each of the two works published as part of the 100th anniversary of the Alash movement was issued in five thousand copies.