Astana hosted a unique exhibition of the Iranian artist Behzad Bozorgi

Black, white and gold - these colors are used by Iranian artist Behzad Bozorgi. Astana is hosting a unique exhibition of author miniature "Mavlana and Sana". The works of the famous Iranian painter are first presented in Kazakhstan. The artist created about 30 works in a special linear form, using only a few color shades. This harmony of color scales, according to the artist, demonstrates peacefulness of the Iranians, good and mutual understanding, because culture and art are the reflection of every nation, the author of miniatures believes. They are distinguished by their subtlety, straight lines, completeness of compositions and richness of details. In just 38 years, the well-known Iranian artist painted about 400 miniatures, which became popular around the world.


 - I have held 54 personal exhibitions, about 20 of which were abroad. This is my second visit to Kazakhstan, where I displayed my miniatures. Last year's and current collections are works of the last 5 years. Last year 20 were exhibited, this time I brought 30 new works. It is worth noting that these miniatures have not been previously presented anywhere. This is the traditional paintings of Iran, which bring our art closer to other nations. I conduct master classes for those who are interested in my work.