Young Kazakh violinist Akbike Algi brilliantly performed at Carnegie Hall

A brilliant performance of a young Kazakh violinist Akbike Algi in the legendary Carnegie Hall made a splash. The winner of numerous prestigious international competitions in Italy, Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan, the winner of the Grand Prix of the world violin festivals, the golden medalist of the Delphic Games received a unique opportunity to play on the stage of this world famous hall.


 - This year, we held a competition named after Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in Astana, where I took the second place. It was the most important victory in my life. My parents are musicians, in fact, we have a whole dynasty of musicians in the family, and that is why I was taught to play the violin. I had a desire to become a violinist. I want to become like Aiman Musakhodzhaeva.

American musicians highly evaluated the excellent violin performance of the student of honored artist of Kazakhstan Raisa Mukhamedzhanova. Famous conductor of modern times, Zubin Mehta, said that the performance of Akbike had an incredibly subtle sense with intonationally accurate performance. Amazing talent multiplied by efficiency allowed Akbike to achieve incredible success by the age of 17.


 - This is a unique opportunity for me to perform at the best and legendary Carnegie Hall. This opportunity was preceded by a competition that was held in Germany, that brought together the best violinists from China, Korea, Japan, and Germany. It was the "Karwendelmusicfestival" festival. It was held in Bavaria, in the town of Mittenwald. We played Bach's double concerto for the violin.

A student of the Kazakh National University of Arts intends to continue conquering the best stage venues of the world, demonstrating the potential of the Kazakh culture abroad.