The project of the Kazakh singer has gained popularity in Europe

She gives vocal master classes all over the world and brings the Kazakh music to foreign audience. Nazgul Shukayeva has a rare voice range: from throat singing to soprano, which allows her to perform authentic folk, avant-garde, blues, jazz and contemporary academic music. She performs such folk songs as "Kusni Korlan", "Marzhan-ai", "Aikarakoz" in the new interpretation. Nazgul Shukayeva made the Kazakh music and culture popular not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. She has recently presented the program "Asia Tengri Jazz".


 - Unexpectedly, this project became very popular not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. Since that time I realized that the national music creates vibrational frequency. Therefore, I can say from my experience, and I perform Kazakh authentic works probably less known even in Kazakhstan, these sounds of folk instruments have a healing effect. Our music can heal the human soul. Culture and roots are the strongest bound a person can have, especially being abroad.

The Kazakh singer is one of the unusual figures in jazz, academic and underground music. Her performance truly touches the hearts. The sounds of national instruments, kobyz and dombra, fascinate the foreign audience


 - I left the country many years ago and, of course, at first I missed the country, and then I found a way out in my work. I launched ‘Asia Tengri’ project ten years ago, and invited famous American Grammy nominees John Holmes and Benito Gonzalez, and London musicians with Ukrainian musicians. We made a project where we played mostly Kazakh music.

The singer believes that unusual and original Kazakh musical art is another opportunity to reveal the unique and multifaceted potential of Kazakhstan. A step towards this is the promotion of national music. Therefore, Nazgul invites famous American and British artists to perform Kazakh compositions.