Book bound in human skin was presented at exhibition in Astana

Unique manuscripts that appeared more than five centuries ago were presented in the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan. The most amazing exhibit was a manuscript dated back to the 16th century. It is written in Latin, and covered with real human skin. At present, such books evoke ambiguous reactions, but in the Middle Ages they were quite common. 15 rare books are presented to the visitors of the fascinating exhibition. Among them are the publications by Abd ar-Rahman Jami, the smallest Koran, the first copies of children's literature and other equally valuable works. The manuscript written in gold was also classified as exclusive.


 - The exposition features manuscripts dating back to 1532, manuscripts in Latin, Chagatai, Arabic, Persian, Old Kipchak and Central Turkic. The most unique is the collection of poems by Gylmani Saduahas. Ten collections of the poet have been published at the Eurasian National University since 2010. He wrote about 42 books. He was the first to publish dictionaries in Arabic and Persian languages.