A concert titled "Paris-Astana: from Debussy to Zhubanova" was held in Astana

Musicians from France performed masterpieces by the Kazakh composers, and Kazakh artists - works by French authors. A concert titled "Paris-Astana: from Debussy to Zhubanova" was held in Astana. The program included such works as fantasy on the themes from Bizet's opera Carmen, Elegiac Trio No.1 in G Minor by Rachmaninoff, The Girl with Flaxen Hair by Debussy, String Quartet No. 1 in D minor by Zhubanova and The Poem by Kumisbekov.


 - Zhubanova is very interesting piece as well with the first quartet. Sometimes it sounds like Shostakovich, and sometimes like Faure or Debussy. There is really a way of dealing with rhythm, really can French music as well. I am sure she was not a fan but aware about Debussy, Faure. So, it’s very interesting for us. Of course we are new colleagues now. We came during our last concert here. There are very high level musicians here.

Cellist Gauthier Herrmann first performed "The Poem" by Kenzhebek Kumisbekov, and imbued with folk-epic music of the Kazakh composer. His work entered the repertoire of the French musician. It was assumed that the French artists will perform only the first part of the string quartet by Gaziza Zhubanova. However, after hearing a fragment of the famous creation, the musicians decided to perform the entire composition.


- We shared notes and records when selecting the repertoire. Rehearsals were held in full understanding. The language of music is common, it unites. This concert showed it.

Musicians from Kazakhstan and France are planning to organize a joint festival in the future.