Central Asia: Museums of Kazakhstan And Uzbekistan

Central Asia: Museums of Kazakhstan And Uzbekistan

Museums in Central Asia are the main depository of the Great Silk Road history. One of the major historical and cultural centers is located in the capital of Uzbekistan. There are more than 3,000 exhibits in the State Museum of Arts in Tashkent. These are the first tools, mirrors, jewelry, household utensils, as well as exhibits telling about the development of science, poetry and trade during the Great Silk Road period. Valuable historical artifacts are exhibited on four floors.


- This is the largest and oldest museum of arts in Central Asia, it was opened in 1918. There are exhibits created during the period from the first century to present days.

The exposition tells about the peculiarities of Uzbekistan's development and its historical role for Central Asia. The newest and largest museum in the region is the National Museum of Kazakhstan. A large cultural and historical complex is located in Astana, its area is 74,000 square meters. It has seven blocks and nine floors. The exposition area includes 11 rooms; each of them is dedicated to a certain period of Kazakhstan’s history - from ancient times to independence.


 - The museum is known all over the world. It hosts exhibitions from different parts of the world. The museum acquaints with the history and culture of Kazakhstan from the ancient century to the present days, conducts research of historical and cultural monuments in order to transfer them to the younger generation.

The museum displays the works of modern Kazakh art - works of artists, sculptors and other figures of culture and science.  


 - The uniqueness of the culture of Central Asian countries lies primarily in the commonality of the customs of nations, the traditions and languages. We have unique monuments of literature, unique applied art, and rich musical heritage. This heritage should be promoted and shown to the world.

The cultural and historical heritage of the Central Asian nations is a vivid example of a rich past. The main task of museums is to preserve monuments of culture and art for descendants.