The ballet "Spartacus" was presented in "Astana Opera"

The metropolitan public was able to enjoy a choreographic masterpiece, Spartacus by Aram Khachaturian. Laureate of international competitions and soloist of Astana Opera, Serik Nakyspekov, made his debut in the title role. He prepared the part with Russian artist, Konstantin Zaklinsky. According to Serik Nakyspekov, he needed a tremendous physical endurance in order to manage the three acts. This is a hard work which reveals the personality of a hero.


 - I’m very glad and insanely happy that they trusted me this part which is a great responsibility. The hardest part is the physical one which is to withstand the whole performance. I experienced it for the first time since this is my first leading role. Of course, I'll try to create my own Spartacus. I watch the video and learn from someone. Nonetheless, in practice I try everything in my way.


 - For the first time, we are performing such major roles. He performs Spartacus while I perform his love interest, Phrygia. I want to say that he is professional. I danced with him in other performances, but he hadn’t performed leading roles. He played a secondary role of Frollo at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. I wish him further creative success.

Previously, Astana Opera presented Spartacus four years ago. Since then a synthesis of music, choreography and painting became a real decoration of the theater's repertoire.