Kasteyev museum of arts opens new exhibition

A unique exhibition opened in the central hall of Kasteyev Museum of Arts. The exposition displays the work of 19-year-old autistic artists Alan Mukhitdinov and Alibek Karatai. Their works immerse in a new world of a combination of bright colors and scrupulously sculpted plasticine figurines.

Alibek prefers to work with plasticine. His figurines are detailed. The young artist creates cartoons. Alibek has already found recognition in the world. He took the second place in the category "Art" at the festival in Vancouver, Canada. The artist has ambitious plans, he dreams of entering the New York Academy of Arts.


 - I get inspired by heroic deeds from different films, and even cartoons. I sculpt plasticine figurines. I can do it at any time

Alan Mukhitdinov gives his whole soul to painting. The young artist paints with watercolor, gouache, pastel and pencils. His works are "glowing", their colors are so distinctive, especially those that depict geometric figures.


 - This exhibition shows that they can be creative in one or other way, that they have a right to be fully participating citizens on an equal basis with others. They just need a little more patience, a little more affection, a little more understanding. That's what we want to show with this project.

More than 100 works by young artists were presented at the exhibition.