The Astana Musical presented an ethno-folklore musical "Kyz Zhibek"

The Astana Musical presented an ethno-folklore musical "Kyz Zhibek". The legendary love story of Tolegen and Zhibek received a new interpretation. Along with the acting skills, for actors, it was important to show the audience the vocal and dance skills. Producers said it was not easy to combine all this, but the troupe performed brilliantly. About 60 people were involved in the performance.


 - It was hard for me to convey those feelings when my protagonist’s father did not give his permission. We had to work hard on the character. My hero had to leave his father to show his protest. Some moments were difficult to perform, but every time I tried to bring up something new to acting during the rehearsals.


 - Live singing was accompanied by the ensemble "Astana Sazy". There were so many moments in the song that conveyed all our inner thoughts and feelings. There were so many sleepless nights because of the preparation. I was very worried, but I tried to perform my role well.

Astana Musical presented "Kyz Zhibek" in France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Russia as part of the tour "Great Steppe Theatre". The European public was impressed by the Kazakh national art, the troupe leader says. Now the artists are planning to visit the regions of Kazakhstan. 


 - Our musical is original. It differs from the classical opera performed by the symphony orchestra. This time, together with the famous musician, conductor Bauyrzhan Aktayev, we returned to our roots - Kazakh folk instruments.