A special project was developed in Aktau under the name "A Cliff Walk"

Visitors and residents of Aktau will be able to walk on a cliff, where humans never stepped before. Under a special project named ‘A Cliff Walk,’ a walking path will be developed along the perimeter of the cliff with observation platforms, waterfalls and piers. The walk will become one of the city’s tourist sites.


 - All this is made from strong materials such as wood-polymer composite. It was developed specifically for our region, according to the requirements. The service life is more than 20 years.

Lots of human labor is needed to turn the coast into an open-air museum. Automobiles cannot access the cliff, so the work will have to be done manually. The length of the largest cave is 70 meters, and the width is 60 meters. Images associated with the history of Mangystau region will be projected on its walls with the help of special equipment. Video surveillance will be installed every 30 meters. The stones will be illuminated during the day and at night, so they will be seen even far into the sea, the authors say. More than 38,000 tourists visited the region last year, and the figure will grow if this project, worth 1 billion 200 million tenge, is implemented.