Astana Ballet artists to perform in New York

Astana Ballet Theater will present a gala-program consisting of 15 performances on the stage of the famous Lincoln Center in New York City. The program of the Kazakh ballet troupe will include six choreographic miniatures in the national style, six fragments from neoclassical and contemporary ballet and a production of the legendary ballet The Nutcracker. The troupe will pay visit to the United Sates as part of the "Modern Kazakh culture in the global world" project.


 - We will perform in the Lincoln Center. It is considered one of the largest performances stages in the U.S. We will present our Kazakh culture, national dances to the international audience. We are starting our tour in the US and are planning to promote Kazakh national culture at the international level. We will present the Kazakh culture to many nations and countries.

Daily routine of the ballet artists consist of grueling and long rehearsals, emotional preparation and teamwork. Besides, the dancers, there is a production staff team, stage and costume designers, working tirelessly to ensure the Kazakh ballet art is presented at its best during the tour. Almost all costumes are hand-made according to individual designer sketches.

These are national costumes. This costume is called ‘Arular sherui’ made in pink, peach and yellow colors. Headdress is made to resemble a saukele.

The theatre troupe has set a difficult task: to draw public’s attention to the Kazakh culture and demonstrate high artistry. Astana Ballet has prepared a unique program for that purpose.


 - Every time we go on tour, we try to select a program that would match the public’s taste and mentality because it’s not just a performance but a tour to a foreign country. We have created program in accordance with the task to present Kazakhstan’s culture, therefore, I think, we will accomplish the task and it’s a great honor for us. We have started preparation in advance; we’re planning our tour, compiling the program, and auditioning the dancers. This is a very important tour for us.

38 young artists will go on tour to New York. This is  will be a precious chance for them to present the Kazakh culture on the world stage and demonstrate the level of Kazakhstan’s ballet art.