A student from Kazakhstan was invited to work on Korean television

HOST: Not everyone knows where Kazakhstan is.

DASTAN: Indeed, some people don’t know. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world. The country is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The Kazakh means a free person.

‘The cultural Ambassador of Kazakhstan’ this is how Koreans name the Kazakh student, Dastan Valiulin, who has lived in South Korea four years now. He is a junior student at the Kookmin University. He mastered Korean, which is why he was invited to star on the local TV channels. In one of the TV programs he taught the South Koreans how to cook traditional Kazakh doughnuts bauyrsaks and talked about his homeland.


 - For the first time I learned from Dastan that there is a space launch site in Kazakhstan and this is the most optimal and convenient point to getting into open space. These facts are unknown to Koreans. We are preparing a number of programs on television in order to tell about Kazakhstan’s culture and life. Therefore, Dastan’s role is very important since it creates an image of the country.

Dastan was elected as an Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang. His mission is to introduce about Korea as well as about the culture of the people to the guests of the Olympics in three languages: Korean, Kazakh and Russian.


 - I want to work in Korea in the media and film industry as a host and an actor. I want to represent Kazakhstan in Korea. I want tell the Koreans about Kazakhstan in order to form a good image of our country.

Dastan Valiulin’s life in South Korea is rich and interesting. The student’s daily busy schedule is not limited to studying and starring in TV shows, he plays hockey, too. He is also planning to organize a business between Kazakhstan and Korea.