Astana marks 20 years

The history of Astana is nearly a millennium, concluded Kazakh historians. They believe that the early statement about Akmola fortress being founded in 1830 is erroneous. The history of the Akmola fortress goes deep into the medieval Turkic era. Experts made the announcement in Almaty at the opening of the ‘Nursultan Nazarbayev: the Era, the Man, the Society’ exhibition held in the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan. Visitors of the exhibition found this discovery fascinating and important. They also learned new facts from the lives of prominent figures of the Akmola region like Kazhymukhan Munaitpasov, Zhumabek Tashenov and Rakhimzhan Koshkarbayev. A lot of significant information about the historical cities of Saryarka can be found in the works of foreign researchers. Recent archeological excavations provided new evidence proving that the medieval town of Bozok was located a few kilometers away from modern Astana and grew towards the current location of the Kazakh capital.


 - The fortress of the Bozok town was located here approximately1000 years ago. It was a cultural, administrative, economic and religious center. In 1816, in the vicinity of Akmola, famous Russian geodesist and explorer, Ivan Zhankin, discovered seven ancient cities and put them on the map.

The exhibition devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Kazakh capital has opened in the National Academic Library. The new Astana reading room has been opened here recently. Here the new exposition is presented, which consists of more than 100 books by different authors. The ‘History of Astana’ exhibition reflects important moments of the city's formation. There is also an electronic fund. Therefore, each reader can choose a format according to his or her preference. The collections of the library include more than 1000 books about Astana.


 - We could say with confidence that we werent mistaken in the transfer of our capital. Today, it is flourishing and it has become the center of culture, economy and probably, all political, major events. We could not achieve this much if the capital remained in Almaty. Sometimes even what is not happening in the world, is taking place in Astana, particularly, forums and friendly meetings, at the initiative of the Head of State.