Art exhibition marks 20th anniversary of Kazakh Capital

A new art exhibition has opened in Astana. The exposition includes the works by representatives of the Kazakhstan Union of Artists, as well as paintings from the Fund of the Palace of Independence. Modern, graphic and decorative-applied art pieces of recent years were created by Kazakh authors influenced by contemporary art tendencies. Unique in style, imagery and technique, these works convey a vigorous artistic search.


 - We tried to convey our Kazakh identity to foreign visitors through this exhibition. Visitors can see not only paintings, but also our traditional applied art. The exposition includes sculptures made of wood and felt canvasses.

Works by Kazakh and foreign photojournalists are displayed in the Palace of Independence. The exposition includes nearly 30 photographs reflecting the chronology of the young state’s development, including, foreign visits of the Head of State, important events that took place in Kazakhstan, as well as the main political and cultural achievements on the world stage.