Kazakhstan-Belarus: Cultural exchange

Kazakhstan and Belarus are strengthening cultural and humanitarian ties. The Library of the First President of Kazakhstan donated a collection of the facsimile edition of the Belarusian first book printer Francysk Skaryna. In 2017, Belarus and the entire world community marked a significant date - the 500th anniversary of the Belarus and the East Slavic book printing. The anniversary has a special significance for the world culture and was included in the UNESCO Calendar of Memorable Dates.


 - The facsimile heritage of Skaryna is a relic of the people of Belarus. It shows the culture, history and mentality of the Belarusians. We would like to note that the 500th anniversary of the Belarusian book printing was marked last year. Mass events were held in Belarus and the national library of Belarus. We tried to compile a collection of the book heritage of Skaryna.

At present, there are about 520 copies of the Belarusian first printer's publications in the world. They are stored in libraries, museums and archives of Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Russia, USA and Ukraine. 21 volumes of unique works are exact copies of the original sources. The books have been republished by the National Library of Belarus as part of the international scientific project on the preservation of Francysk Skaryna’s legacy. Kazakhstan and Belarus intend to increase cultural interaction in 2018. So, there are a lot of interesting new projects ahead.


 - We are implementing a joint project with Kazakhstan. It is an art exhibition by artists from 28 countries named "From Lisbon via Moscow, Minsk, and Astana to Vladivostok". This exhibition opens in Lisbon next year. It will be widely announced. Kazakh and Belarus artists will take part in this exhibition.