Pavlodar Symphony Orchestra performed in Italy for the first time

Pavlodar Symphony Orchestra performed in Italy for the first time. The oldest monastery, Abbey of Casamari, traditionally hosted the classical music concert. Many art connoisseurs came to listen to the Kazakhstani musicians. 


 - It is absolutely different from the concert hall. There is just an audience in the concert hall, but here everything is magical, like in a fairy tale.


- This place is full of spirituality, peace, grace, kindness, and love. The church unites people.

You look at everything in a different way.

- You perform differently, not like for a public. You understand that you are in the church and perform for the God.

The symphonic orchestra came to Italy on the invitation of Leonardo Quadrini. He took part in the opening of the concert season in Isa Baizakov Philharmonic Society this autumn. Now they are touring together and will give 20 concerts as part of the twenty-day tour program.


 - Our tour coincided with a big holiday in Italy, with Christmas. It turned out to be very festive. We have a new concert and a new musical program every day. Today we are here in Casamari, tomorrow we will perform in Vasto, yesterday we were in Naples, and we were in Milan, in Agropoli, in Foggia, Aosta. The tour has national motifs and is very busy.

Pavlodar Symphony Orchestra performed to the accompaniment of a pipe organ. The Italian choir and soloists also participated in the concert. The musicians performed the "Christmas Oratorio" by Charles Camille Saint-Saens and several famous Christmas arias, giving the public a festive mood.


1. - Very touching concert! Musicians were great! They performed a wonderful Christmas hymn!

2. - These tunes go right into the heart. It was wonderful! They awaken a feeling of brotherhood in us. I think, it's needed for people around the world.