A book about Abai's works in the Azerbaijani language was published in Baku

The rich literary legacy of Abai is part of the treasury of the world culture. His works promote universal values as literacy, need for wholeness, integrity, openness, creativity and inventiveness. Abai represents inspiration and enlightenment in many countries, like Russia, Egypt, Hungary, China, and France. A book about the great thinker has been recently published in the Azerbaijani language in Baku. The author of the publication studies Kazakh-Azerbaijani literary relations on the basis of Abai's works. The study of the poet's work was carried out by many Azerbaijani scientists. The main points of such research are reflected in the book. The manual is designed for students of philology faculties, as well as literary scholars and Turkologists. The book presents the most popular works of Abai and his aphorisms.


 - Creativity of Abai is very diverse and rich. It is impossible to briefly talk about Abai's work - it is endless. His works remain relevant at all times. Abai Kunanbayev is not only a poet of the Kazakhs, but also of the Azerbaijani people. The Azerbaijanis know the songs written on the verses of Abai. In the book, we examine the general imagery in the works of Abai and in Azerbaijani literature, compare the works of Abai and Azerbaijani writers. I think that this book will be helpful for those who study Kazakh literature and Abai Kunanbayev's work.   

Abai square opened in Kurchatov. It is located in the city center. There is a pavement, young trees, benches and lighting. 18 million tenge has been allocated from the regional budget for its construction. Kazakh literature classes are frequently held next to the bust of the great thinker. Students read poetry and works of Abai.


 - This is one of the attractions of our city now, a place where you can walk and rest. Some work still needs to be carried out to improve the landscape. There will be lawns fenced with trees, and a watering system.