Astana Opera Theatre triumphantly performed in Hungary

Astana Opera Theatre triumphantly performed in Hungary. The tour of the symphony orchestra, the theater’s choir and the best opera and ballet artists started with a concert in the famous hall named after Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly in Pecs. Kazakh artists performed at prestigious Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest. "Steppe Legend" by Tles Kazhgaliyev, Aitys scene by Mukan Tulebayev, "Alkissa" by Nurgisa Tlendiyev, Abai’s aria and dance "Karlygash" from the immortal works of Akhmet Zhubanov and Latif Khamidi: Kazakh vocalists and ballet dancers conquered the hearts of the Hungarians.  


 - If the far-sighted policy of our President, and his wisdom shows the people what a good leader they have then his program ‘Modernization of Public Consciousness’ is a great opportunity for us, for artists to promote our culture worldwide. We received a standing ovation from Europeans. This shows the high level of the Kazakh culture. This is a great honor for us!


 - It’s great that we can promote such cultural exchange between the countries. We have seen the brilliant performance of not only world classics but also the music by Hungarian composers. It was wonderful!

Каватину Семирамиды из одноименной оперы Россини сменили дуэт графа Ди Луна и Леоноры из оперы «Трубадур» и ария Адабеллы из «Аттилы» Джузеппе Верди. Концерт завершила композиция «Жерім менің», написанная на слова Нурсултана Назарбаева. Благодарные зрители аплодировали нашим артистам стоя, вновь и вновь вызывая их на бис.

Cavatina Semiramis from Rossini's opera of the same name was replaced by the duo of Count Di Luna and Leonora from the opera "Il trovatore" and the Aria of Adabella from "Attila" by Giuseppe Verdi. The concert ended with the composition "Zherim menin", written in the words of Nursultan Nazarbayev. Grateful spectators gave our artists a standing ovation, calling them for an encore again and again.


 - This is an amazing program that allows us to show Kazakhstan’s art abroad, to show how we have grown over all these years of Independence, what a high level we have, what a magnificent theater "Astana Opera" we have! And really you can say that today's concert was such a high point! I hope that our tours to such countries will be regular and the words "Astana Opera", Astana and Kazakhstan will become recognizable everywhere in the world, to show that Kazakhstan is a culturally rich country!


 - The Kazakh people and the Hungarian people have something in common. I mean our history is common history and I am really happy that between the two countries something culturally began to show, that you come here and we can also show our culture.

The triumphal performance of Astana Opera soloists in Hungary ended their tour, which was organized as part of Modernization of Public Consciousness program, and with the support of the Kazakh Embassy in Hungary. The artists have big plans for the next year, which means that the foreign audience will enjoy more of the Kazakh classical art.