An ancient kobyz was discovered in Zhezkazgan

The three centuries old kobyz was discovered in Zhezkazgan. The musical instrument belonged to famous shaman Dosymbai Itemgenuly. It has been kept by five generations of descendants of the kuyishy. The instrument is well preserved. It is made from Bukhara oleaster. There is a mirror at the bottom of a bow. The metal plates hanging on its head bling to the beat of the music. It is not just jewelry. People believed that kobyz and its owner shaman have super power and can prevent dangerous situations.


 - Dosymbai shaman died at the age of 82 years old. Before death, he bequeathed kobyz to his grandson Zhumadilda, who handed over an instrument to his son Dastanbek, my husband. My husband has died already, and now I am taking care of the family relic.

Half a century ago, Russian researchers "hunted" this ancient musical instrument. They came from Leningrad to buy it. However, the kobyz remained in the family, Zipan apa recalls. Meanwhile, the local museum also wants to replenish its fund with the unique instrument. 


 - The sacral instrument should be kept in the museum, so that more people could see the historical artifact of their native land. People believe that kobyz is sacred, probably that is the reason why they don’t want to give it to museums.

There is a little information about shaman Dosymbai. He is considered to be a descendant of Korkyt, the legendary creator of kobyz. Scientists believe that Dosymbai Itemgenuly is one of the latest shamans of the Kazakh steppe. According to historians, the ‘black kobyz’ is the first official mentioning about the famous kuyishy.