Presentation of book about Myrzatai Zholdasbekov

A new biographical novel about outstanding linguist, statesman and public figure Myrzatai Zholdasbekov was presented in Astana. The author is famous Kazakh writer Bolat Bodaubai. The book describes the creative life of Myrzatai Zholdasbekov, his work on promotion of the native language, Kazakh folklore and his role in the destiny of the nation. Writer Bolat Bodaubai is known for such works as "Young Hearts" and "Children of the same house." He also translated a number of novels from Russian into Kazakh.


 - Back in the 2000s, I came up with an idea to write a book about Myrzatai Zholdasbekov. Then in 2011, I wrote a big essay and the work began. I tried to convey all the details of his creative biography to the readers. It took five years to write this book.