A concert evening was held in Almaty, dedicated to the work ballet master Ramazan Bapov

"Dance of a lifetime." A big concert evening was held in Almaty, dedicated to the work of outstanding ballet master Ramazan Bapov.

In 1958, a commission arrived in Almaty from the Moscow Choreographic School. They selected 12 most talented Kazakh children. Among them were Ramazan Bapov and Natalia Arinbasarova. They met at the train station just before leaving.


 - Mr. Seleznyov, the director of the school, sent us off with tears in his eyes. Parents were crying as well. We were just 10-11 years old. He pulled our ears, kissed, and said: "Do not let me down!" He sent us to study in Moscow. I remember that boy. He was silent. He was taller than others and very cute. He had a nose with a little bump and his smile was so restrained, very mysterious.

Outstanding talent brought Ramazan to Moscow at a very young age. He was the best student. When he graduated with honors, he was offered to stay at the Bolshoi Theater. He toured almost around the whole world. He was applauded in the best theaters. Each of his jumps was like a flight. Great ballerina Maya Plisetskaya admired him. He was the only People's Artist of the USSR among Kazakh ballet dancers. Ramazan Bapov left behind a unique school of male dance that inherited his unique style.


- I have recently attended a conference at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography. They said: "Oh, this is our best graduate!" You know, and immediately said: "What a jump! What a flight! Such a soft landing on the stage! ". Everyone highlighted this.

Virtuosic technique, perfect artistry and the famous jump became a part of the Kazakh ballet. Ramazan Bapov returned to his homeland at the invitation of the President of Kazakhstan to lead the ballet troupe in the Opera and Ballet Theater in Almaty.