The exhibition by famous Kazakh artist Khamza Kikimov was held in Almaty

The exhibition by famous Kazakh artist Khamza Kikimov was held in the archives of the head of state in Almaty. The exposition entered the documentary and art series from the cycle "Mangilik Yel". Art critics noticed the poetic beauty and greatness of nature, the lyrics, romanticism and tragedy of the modern world in the painter’s works. Khamza Kikimov, the author of more than 200 paintings. His paintings have been exhibited in the galleries of the United States, Germany and Austria.


 - Most of the works bring warmth. For example, there are such previously created works. They are right here. Each color has some kind of psychological effect. Therefore, sometimes you can express your inner world, your joy, your love, and your own experiences through the color.

Exhibition by photo artist Andrey Taigunov named "Charming melodies of Syra" opened in Kyzylorda. His works are known not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. The audience saw 40 best works. The author captures unique natural phenomena and landscapes in them.


- All these works have been shot exclusively in Kyzylorda region in order to show the beauty of the land of Syra. It is certainly my own, probably, some sort of a vision; when I travel somewhere or come back from somewhere, I see some interesting landscape and shoot a photo.