Seoul hosted a Central Asia folk music concert

Seoul hosted a Central Asia folk music concert. It was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between South Korea and the Central Asian states. Folklore and ethnographic ensemble "Sazgen Sazy" performed in the National Museum of Korea and on the stage of the Asian Cultural Center in Gwangju. The artists performed kuyis by Kurmangazy and works of the great Abai.


 - The Korean audience asked us to perform the kuyi by Kurmangazy named "Adai". We were very surprised and we are proud that the works of our great composer are known in South Korea. The Koreans are also familiar with the works of Abai Kunanbayev, we were asked to perform the song "Kozimnіn karasy".


 - It was the first time I heard the music of the Central Asian countries, it was very interesting. I believe that such concerts are needed so that Koreans showed interest in Asian music. I remember Kazakh and Turkmen music, which opened the concert. I have not visit Kazakhstan yet, and today it was my first acquaintance with the Kazakh music. When you hear the melody it becomes clear that this is Asian music, it is so similar and different at the same time.