Astana hosted the Altyn tobylgy literary contest

The best young poets and writers of Kazakhstan were announced. Astana hosted the Altyn tobylgy literary contest. The Foundation of the first president of Kazakhstan summed up the results of the contest for the third time. The project is aimed at encouraging talented young people aged 18-35 to write and create. The competition reviewed works that had not been published. The best authors received a monetary reward. Makpal Mysa won the “Tugan Zher” special thematic nomination. The author of the historical poem was awarded the highest award, 1.5 million tenge. Beibit Sarybaev’s ‘Bakhytty Zhamal’ was awarded the Best Prose nomination. Famous figures of culture, literature and journalism evaluated the young writers. Nurlan Orazalin, chairman of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan headed the team of judges. In order to make the contest transparent and objective the jury did not know the names of the authors until the last time. According to the organizers, by the end of the year the best works will be published and presented to the public.


 - My story is about our ancestors. If I'm not the one to tell then who will? This is a historical poem about wise man Shokan who lived in the times of Yesim Khan and Tauekel Khan and spoke about our independence. In his message to the people of Kazakhstan, the president spoke about the importance of our culture, literature, and the fact that we need to demonstrate it to the whole world. We can say that the work is written as part of the ideas of Modernization of Public Consciousness as well as Mangilik el’.


 - While the results of the competition are still up in the air, there is a variety of emotions including anxiety, fear and hope. Of course, you feel a sense of joy after the results are announced. This contest inspired me and others to create. The first well-known Kazakh novel is "Bakhytsyz Zhamal". My work is "Bakhytty Zhamal." This is not a novel, but a little adventure, reflection of our modernity.