Astana hosted the Genghis Khan musical-theatrical production

Astana hosted the Genghis Khan musical-theatrical production. In a completely new way the play narrated a story about a great ruler who conquered half the world. The audience saw an unusual but truthful history of Genghis Khan’s reign which is full of courage and devotion to his land. The biographical information from a famous commander’s life is taken as a basis of the production. The theatre organizers admit that behind a military genius they wanted to discover a famous conqueror, a man with his dreams and aspirations.


 - Not only us, but also all historians and scientists are discussing this topic. The main goal of Genghis Khan is to establish peace in the conquered territories. The basic idea was that he dreamed of all people on the earth becoming the subject to one person so there will be no wars between countries.

In 2000, the American Time magazine declared Genghis Khan as “a man of the millennium”. A number of historical novels and feature films in many languages were devoted to him. According to the director’s idea, the main goal of the production was not to tell about numerous victories on battlefields, but about Genghis Khan’s idea to build a great empire. The play shows how he led dialogues with his loyal supporters, with his mother and relatives.


 - History portrays Genghis Khan as a bloodthirsty and aggressive ruler. But in our musical production he is a public figure, thinker, sage, scientist and a great philosopher.

A special highlight of the production was the musical accompaniment. The composers of the Symphony Orchestra of Astana Philharmonic prepared it for the performance. In addition, decorations and a colorful video gave a special atmosphere to the theatrical performance.