New success by Daneliya Tuleshova

Kazakh singer Daneliya Tuleshova is earning a love of the world thanks to her talent. She is a contestant of the fourth season of the Ukrainian ‘The Voice Kids’ project. Daneliya Tuleshova is getting popular day by day. For example, her performance in YouTube got nearly 6 million views and 9000 comments within a month. Despite the fact that the project is getting more complex, Daneliya Tuleshova is managing to get into next stages of the show. The talented singer spoke about her dream.


- First of all, my dream is to master my craft. If I do something, I do it in a professional way. For instance, if I sing I give a piece of my heart to the audience so they love this song just the way I do.

In the second stage of ‘The Voice Kids’ show, Daneliya has earned a love of the Ukrainian strict judges by showing her high professionalism.


 - Danielle delivered a very convincing performance. She put so much effort and gave a piece of her heart to this performance. She may not want to win but she might want to perform at a high level. Perhaps, this helped.

A young performer admits that her main goal is to glorify Kazakhstan to the whole world by her voice and she is trying hard to do this.