Turkistan justified the title of ‘capital of culture’ of the Turkic world

Turkistan managed to complete its mission with honor and justified the title of ‘capital of culture’ of the Turkic world. This was voiced by representatives of the TURKSOY participating countries. The city demonstrated all spiritual wealth of ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan and contributed to strengthening of friendly and fraternal relations between the Turkic-speaking peoples. More than 40 different events took place in Turkistan this year including festivals of animations, traditional art, satires, art exhibitions and the aitys.


- Within a year we have learned about culture and traditions of not only the Turkic-speaking countries, but also of representatives of other nations. We became closer to each other. Fraternal relations between our peoples were strengthened. We are very glad that all these are happening thanks to our city.

According to participants of the permanent council’s meeting of culture ministers of the TURKSOY member countries, dozens of concerts and other cultural events introduced Kazakhs to arts of different countries. Turkey’s Kastamonu is the next ‘capital of culture’ of the Turkic world. Thus, Kastamonu is going to host a celebration of the anniversary year of Kazakh poet, Magzhan Zhumabayev, Kyrgyz writer, Chingiz Aitmatov and Azerbaijani composer, Kara Karayev.  


- We are announcing a year of three famous personalities for the first time. We didn’t have such anniversaries before. The Turkic world is rich for talented people and famous historical figures. Therefore, we have a lot of work to do to which we are happy.

A closing ceremony of the year of ‘Turkistan is a capital of culture of the Turkic world’ was concluded with a gala concert of groups of the Turkic countries and a festive salute.