The ballet troupe "Astana Opera" triumphantly performed in front of the audience of Genui

Astana Opera triumphantly performed abroad once again. The theater’s ballet troupe returned from the tour to the Italian city of Genui, where the Kazakh artists presented the play "Notre Dame de Paris". 6,000 tickets have been sold for the performance in Teatro Carlo Felice. Astana Opera is very popular here. This demand is due to the high quality of performances that the troupe presents not only in Europe, but also in America and Asia. Spectators are attracted by new interpretations of productions and a wonderful artistic level of scenography and costumes.


 - The soloists went out three times to bow. This indicates a very high appreciation of the level of our performance. We are very proud that we have the opportunity to perform at a decent world level, to represent our country with incredible and beautiful ballet productions filled with creativity.

The theatre is planning to tour to China. Kazakhstani artists will present the masterpiece of the Kazakh opera the play "Abai" in Beijing in December. The choice of this work is not accidental. A unique creation is associated with the names of four important figures of Kazakh culture. This production is a dedication to the great enlightener Abai, the author of the libretto was Mukhtar Auezov and the composers are Akhmet Zhubanov and Latif Hamidi.

Astana Opera aims at promoting the spiritual heritage and national values of Kazakhstan on the world stage. The theater has recently begun to collaborate with the world-famous Academy of La Scala. The parties concluded a memorandum on the exchange of experience.


 - It's not just singers, concertmasters, musicians, and orchestra. This is also a service staff such as make-up artists, stage technicians, sound engineers, theater managers. Many people are involved in production.

In the new season, Astana Opera will please art connoisseurs with outstanding ballet and opera premieres. The country's main theater is planning to travel around Kazakhstan with unique productions.