Premiere of play ‘narkyz’

Premiere of the play "Narkyz" based on the eponymous poem by Nurpeis Baiganin was staged in Takhaui Akhtanov Drama Theater in Aktobe. This is the story of the warrior woman. The strength of Narkyz is in her close connection with the native land, her tribe, and therefore people support their heroine in difficult times. Assem Kussainova played the main character.


- I am very happy that I was cast in the main role. I am much weaker than my heroine, but I tried to convey the spiritual and physical strength of Narkyz. Five men could not catch her. She was very brave, and should be an example for modern youth.

The legend of the girl Narkyz is present in the folklore of many Turkic peoples. Nurpeis Baiganin used the image of the warrior woman as the basis for his poem. He wrote a novel about the heroes who defend not only their honor, but the whole nation. The author of the play Zholtai Zhumat together with director Yeltai Kemal created the production full of patriotism.


- I believe that our task is to praise our heroes. There were many such brave and strong women as Narkyz in our history. We wanted to show this through this performance. We believe that any creative person be it a director or a playwright should contribute to the promotion of the Modernization of public consciousness program.

This is the story of how a close spiritual connection with the people inevitably leads to victory with a happy ending. The premiere of the play was sold out.