Preservation of music legacy

Aktobe hosted the Akzhelen international competition dedicated to famous Kazakh composer and kuishi, Kazangap Tlepbergenuly. The competitors performed popular and less known kuis of the Kazakh composer. Over 30 people aged between 15 and 45 years took part in the competition in musical performance.

15-year-old Yuri Shalgynov was invited to take part in the competition by the Khakassia. The talented young boy performs a kui of Kazangap on the national instrument, the homys which is very similar to the dombyra. According to the contestant, he is pleased to perform the masterpieces of Kazakh people.


- these works convey a lot of philosophy since Kazangap was very wise. The works are very complicated in their own way. We red the legends, imagined and facilitated the work.

A few years ago Abdulkhamit Raimbergenov initiated the international competition. The cultural figure had collected information about the biography and works of Kazangap for more than 30 years. Now he is preparing to issue another book. The author is confident that the publication of the multi-volume will be a great event of culture.


- I was repeatedly visiting Vienna in Austria. How proud of Mozart the Austrians are. Residents of many European countries are proud of Chopin and Bach. We should also boast Kurmangazy, Dina, Dauletkerei, Tattimbet and of course, Kazangap  who is a standing national composer born here in the Aktobe region. It is gratifying to see that young people are attracted to traditional music.

Talented musicians took part in the contest not only from all regions of Kazakhstan, but also from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bashkortostan and Russia. According to the organizers, the contestants pursue to popularize the names and works of Kazakh composers and akyns. The creative contest matches with the main objectives of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. Each of the performers tries to bring love to music and native land throughout a life.