Photo exhibition ‘Jerusalem is not just a city’

The magic of the holy city is conveyed in 120 pictures. Astana is hosting the photo exhibition by famous Israeli photographer Dmitry Brickman. The unique exposition "Jerusalem is not just a city" at National Museum included portraits, genre pictures, city landscapes and photojournalism. The photographs demonstrate the faces of pilgrims from around the world, the walls of ancient temples and counters of street vendors. In the oldest city in the world representatives of different cultures and religions particularly, Muslims, Christians and Jews coexist for millennia. All this diversity is formed in a surprisingly harmonious picture of the perception of the real master of artistic photography.


- We can talk about Jerusalem endlessly. For the most part, this exhibition is an attempt to look into this city's eyes. I’m very glad when people's eyes express perplexity at the exhibitions. These people will leave this exhibition with desire to see this city. This is a highest reward to me.

Dmitry Brickman who is native of St. Petersburg have been living in Israel for a long time. Every week he visits Jerusalem to catch beautiful shots that display the charm of the ancient city. Every time, the photographer admits that he finds something new in the city. The artist found Astana in a completely different imagery. In the very first day of his stay in the capital, he highlighted the youth and the unique beauty of the city.


- I’ve spent two days here in Astana and I like it. I’m impressed. If I have the opportunity to shoot in Astana I will gladly make a series of Kazakhstan’s Eyes.

According to Israeli Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Michael Brodsky, Astana is ideally suited for organizing such an exhibition. The diplomat says that a dialogue between cultures, religions and traditions and Kazakhstan's tolerance, all these factors initially became the basis for development of a young city.


- I think everyone in the world is interested in Jerusalem because Jerusalem has absorbed everything in the world. Next year, when Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary, I am sure that we will have a rich extensive program. I am sure that Kazakhs will be able to get acquainted better with Israeli culture.


- The works of a photographer is filled with great meaning to me. All these people who are depicted in these photographs are so clean and open. The city has some special meaning to me. These photos are wonderful.