Kazakh Theater wins award in Macedonia

Khadisha Bukeyeva Kazakh Drama Theater from Uralsk won a grand prize at the International Antique Drama Festival Stobi 2017. The city of Veles in Macedonia hosts the annual prestigious cultural event, where Kazakh theatre troupe presented a tragedy “Philoctetes and Medea” written by German playwright Heiner Muller. In addition to the main prize, the actors won two other nominations. Salauat Tumenov was titled the Best Actor and Nurlygul Zhubatova won the award for the Best Actress.


- I think we managed to surprise the Macedonian spectators with our performance and with our own different vision of the storyline. We have a completely different presentation of the play which had a lot of emotions, passion and despair. In any case, we tried to play that way. I think that's what won the audience’s hearts.

Director of the play, Kuandyk Kasymov refused pompous decorations. According to ancient Greek legends, the author made a bet on the emotional part by making the theatrical performance especially dramatic. The play is an attempt to look at the surrounding world from historical perspective, to mock human vices and show how the strength of the spirit helps survive even in the most hopeless situations.


- When we finished the show, people all stood. And they simply stood in shock. I think that there, in Europe people play with technique, and we have a national emotion. And we won it, I think. And energy, temperament is different.

The troupe of the theater is winning hearts of many international spectators. In addition to the victory in Macedonia, the troupe has won a grand prize of an equally prestigious festival of ancient art “Bosporan agonies” in the city of Kerch.