Two-volume book about Zhastar theatre

The 10-year old history of the Zhastar theater is narrated in one edition. Astana hosted a presentation of the two-volume “I and We” book by Nazerke Zhumabai. She collected entire chronicle of the formation of the young theater, the big repertoire, premieres, troupe tours and participation in international competitions. The collection includes honest interviews with actors as well as memoirs of directors and scriptwriters who are the very core of the young theater. Therefore, the writer devoted the first part of the book to the work of the country’s honored figure, the main director of the Zhastar theatre, Nurkanat Zhakypbai.


- I have long cherished the idea of this book. I did a lot of preparatory work. I tried to show not only the front stage which is available to viewers, but also events of the back stage, specifically, how the troupe rehearses for the play and how the work starts from writing and proofreading the script to staging the performance. I witnessed every day of the theater life.

The two-volume edition will be of interest to both art experts and admirers of Kazakhstan's theatrical art. Thanks to the publication, readers will be able to discover the whole behind-the-scenes life of the theater. Each actor appears in a new perspective: how he or she rehearses a scene, how gets used to the image and chooses the accents. The theatre directors control the entire performances.


- Readers can discover theatrical life though these books by feeling the peculiar rhythm of playing and working on the stage from 9 am to 10 pm. This is to understand that only with the lively approach the true art is born.

It took Nazerke Zhumabai five years to publish the books.