Art exhibition by Serzhan Bashirov

The exhibition of Kazakh applied art was opened in Astana. Artist and jeweler Serzhan Bashirov presented his personal collection which includes jewelry, handmade carpets, weapons and the yurt interior elements as well as products made of stone, silver and leather. According to the jeweler, his passion for collecting antiquities started from his student life when his grandmother gave him ancient silver coins, which laid the foundation for the future collection.


 - In the late 1980's, collectors used to gather during the weekends in the Gorky Park in Almaty. Mostly they collected coins, stamps and other items. I spent all the time there and bought some stuff. Then large exhibitions, fairs and antique shops opened in Almaty. Moreover, I traveled to several regions to look for the antiquities.

One of the exhibits is Saukele, Kazakh wedding headdress. Serzhan Bashirov got the headdress from a resident of the Markakol village in the East Kazakhstan region. According to the artist, the headdress is more than 100 years old. Every item at the exhibition carries the history of the nation.


- His masterpieces are well known. The work is remarkable for its uniqueness. If Kazakh jewelers mostly follow the traditional path by using the Kazakh ornament, then he has his own style like a pursuing artist.

At the exhibition visitors can see not only the collection of Serzhan Bashirov, but also appreciate the elegance of the jewelry artist's works. The latter has not only traditional Kazakh motifs but also reflects abstract and cosmological ideas.