Exhibition from London about the culture of the East

Almaty hosted a portable exhibition of finalists of the international Jameel prize for the first time. 35 works of art starting from elegant paper collages made and video materials to ceramics and sculpture demonstrate the possibilities of cultural dialogue between ancient Islamic traditions and modern art. The competition takes place every two year at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London where artists and designers from all over the world showcase their masterpieces.


 - One of the artists, he is a Turkish artist, so he is mostly sound artist but to this exhibition he included two of his rulers and one of them shows, it is way of measuring time, so one of them the numbers are dates and the dates run from early 20th century to late 20th century.

Pakistani artist Ghulam Mohammad was one of the 11 winners of the contest. He used applied techniques by putting words from books in Urdu on the canvas. The artist wanted to leave the message of how difficult it is to live in a country without speaking in a local language. Egyptian Bahia Shehab focused on history of the Arabic script. Her “A Thousand Times No” work is a close study of one word which conveys about the word’s graphical changes and influence on the course of events.


- The exhibition lasts for 2 months from October 29 to January 7, 2018. Besides the exhibition, one more important point is a very rich educational program which includes a number of lectures, master classes, presentations, excursions and different formats of work. I think that spectators and professional artists will be able to find many interesting things and take part in these discussion areas.

The Jameel Prize is of importance to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Since its establishment, the center has been collecting the Islamic art by finding best works from all over the world. Still today the traditions form the worldview of many artists and designers. Previously, spectators and art historians in Turkey and South Korea admired the works of the finalists of the international prize.