London hosted exhibition by Kazakh artists

London hosted an exposition of bright and unusual works by talented young Kazakhs. British visitors have become  interested in both works and authors. Dauren Kasteyev, who is a grandson of classic Kazakh artist Abilkhan Kasteyev presented his works at the exhibition. He presented the paintings inspired by short stories of famous writer Hans Christian Andersen.  The audience was able to discover the world of magic. Moreover, Dauren Kasteyev also showed the works which he painted for the collection of Kazakh legends, ‘Tales of Agila’.


- The cultural exchange is very important in the age of globalization. The world is becoming aware about us. I think in the future we will be well known in the world. We have a lot of talented and interesting people in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan’s photographer Yevgeniya Berman also showcased her works at the exhibition which caused genuine interest of the local audience. The author with costume designer Asel Shalabyaeva presented a creative project "Along the Great Silk Road". The photos convey oriental women and the characters from “Tomiris” film who are portrayed in stunning national costumes.


- London's famous photographers and famous Moscow photographers are well known but there are very few people who know about Kazakhstan. We have something to show to the world and we are working on this in Almaty and in Kazakhstan in general.

Representatives of the Embassies of Russia, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan visited the art exhibition. Guests and art critics highlighted that such exhibitions give the opportunity to discover artists and learn about the young talents.

I think that beautiful, delicate and unusual. I think they deserved to have a wider audience here it is quite imaginative, fun and creative but at the same time the paintings, the portraits are very realistic so this is a nice contrast that is mystical and realistic at the same time.

Fascinated by Dauren Kasteyev’s paintings, British experts invited the young artist to hold another exhibition in the British Museum in London. Evgeniya Berman also got an invitation to present her photo gallery in New York.